Jose L Bastida MVZ, CCRP

Welcome to 4life animal wellness center. My name is Jose Bastida, I’m a Dr in Veterinary medicine graduated from the University of Mexico and Canine Rehabilitator Practitioner from de University of Tennessee.

I been working on doing rehabilitation for the last 9 years, bringing pets back to their fullest potential post ether surgery or accidents or age processes that stop them from interacting with the family becouse it herts do to different causes like: fractures, partial or complete ligament -tendon ruptures or spine problems, arthritic changes or neuropathic conditions.

When I see that this pets are able to walk, run, play and move with no pain, integrating them selves as one more member of the family again and not just a couch potato; gives me a rewarding pleasure.

As you see and maybe you can sence that, I love my job!


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